All our suppliers are accredited local business. We are familiar with most of their products as we process around 5000 meters of fabric every month. We recommend our customer to choose quality material which will last for a long time.


Being Australia's biggest fabric supplier, James Dunlop has the widest range and the most superior products. About half of our customers eventually choose their product as they have no doubt the best quality. And apparently they have the highest prices as well.

If you are looking for something amazing, like 100% linen sheers or some prints designed from UK or German, and you are willing to pay a little extra for the quality, James Dunlop is your best choice.

Average continuous fabric price range from $80-$100 per meter

Workroom uses James Dunlop Satinline/ Megaline/ Exceline/ Sunteen as our main thermal and poly cotton lining stock.



Another global fabric supplier based in NZ-AUS. Warwick has been focusing on NZ local market since 1985. Their products suit most of NZ houses and their prices look more competitive. 

Average continuous fabric price range $60-$80 per meter

Workroom uses Warwick Luna range as our main triple weave lining stock.

WW Coast.jpg


Nettex is an Australia fabric supplier but its fabric is originated from Zimbabwe,  Africa. That's why they have the most competitive rates. However this does not mean their product has low quality. In fact, their quality is even better than a few other Aus or NZ small fabric suppliers. 

The typical Africa fabric uses thick yarn for spinning. When you touch the fabric you may feel the surface not so smooth as all the others (a bit rough). If you believe this is your type, you will find the quote for your curtain project is more acceptable by choosing their products. As a workroom we can tell Nextex is growing quicker than anyone else in the country as their good fabric at a sharp price.

Average continuous fabric price range $40-$60 per meter.



Another big fabric supplier based in NZ-AUS established more than 100 years ago. Charles Parsons has gained good reputation over years and some of their best sellers have taken big market share for a long time.

Average continuous fabric price range $60-$80 per meter.

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An Australia family owned textile import business originally from South Africa. Good products with fair prices. Some of their fabric range is exclusive and similar products cannot be found from other suppliers. 

Average continuous fabric price range $50-$70 per meter.

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One of the largest window covering hardware supplier in New Zealand. The well known Rufflette range has gone over a long period of time. 
Workroom recommends using their normal track and rod (Superfit and Senator range). Their price might be 5-7% higher than other supplier but we believe it worth the quality. All their products are made in Auckland or ChristChurch depot.



Martec distributor is NZ’s leading supplier of wooden track rods to trade. They also supply a patented chain drive aluminium head rail for roman blind which has complete dominance over all others in NZ. Workroom also uses Martec's track and components to make beautiful wave fold curtains at a much more affordable price.
All Martec products are made in ChristChurch depot.



Aspect blinds is the leading hard blind supplier in East Tamaki Auckland. They mainly supply Roller Blind (blackout or sunscreen), Venetian Blind (Wooden/PVC/Aluminium) and Vertical Blind. These products are good supplement of curtains when budget is low or at places where curtain fabric is not suitable (like kitchen or bathroom).