High quality custom made Curtains and Roman Blind

Welcome to Promax Colours. We are a curtain and roman blind manufacture, as well as a wholesaler and a retailer. Our workroom is built right behind the store. Over the years, we’re proud to have garnered the trust and loyalty of countless customers. That’s because our products are built with quality materials and the latest machinery to meet the highest industry standards. Below images are workroom samples.



Our latest technology and machinery from Japan will provide exclusive curtain shaping service in NZ. High temperature steam can now be infused into fabric and make curtain remain its pre designed beautiful natural curve all the time, from top to very bottom. After treatment the curtain will return to original shape immediately after pulling. What's more, this service provides a permanent effect. Curtain will still remain in shape after wash. (NB: No hot iron press after treatment or memory will be lost)


Stay Neat, All the time
No matter how you pull it, curtain goes back to original shape immediately


Permanent Effect
Memory is built into fabric. General washing does not change shape



Most Popular in Auckland

This design is to put sheer fabric at front track and lining fabric at back track. In most cases the back track is cord drawn. In the evening all curtains are closed for the night. In the morning, the back lining curtain can be opened by cord so the front sheer remain closed for privacy. The sheer curtains would not need open unless you demand some fresh air to come through. Same in the evening the back lining curtain can be closed by cord so the front sheet would not need to be touched.
This design is more popular than the traditional way of putting lined curtain at front track and net at back because otherwise the project may require 3 layers - face fabric/lining/net and hence the total price would be higher. Meanwhile, if it is not so cold in winter is it necessary to put up that much of fabric onto the window?



Amazing look at affordable price

Wave curtains are a cool, contemporary way of dressing windows, ideal if you want a look that is simple, modern, and elegant. Wave curtains have no gathering, bunching or pleats across the top, just a sinuous curve, falling in fluid folds directly below the track or rod. The curtains stack back neatly, and it’s a look that works in both contemporary and traditional interiors.
Wave curtains used to be expensive to make as the tape material and track/rod are specially designed. Now at Promax Colours we provide a solution using Nova Wave Tape and the making cost becomes the same as making other buckram pleated curtains.



Simple Stuff Works

Double track system does not suit all windows. A single lined curtain works perfect for the window to block light, insulate and reduce noise.
When hanging high (at least 2.3m), a wide curtain header tape is always recommended. This will make the curtain look more dominant and hang gracefully. Check the photo on the right to tell the difference.
When making a room divider, fabric can be attached to its back so the curtain would look exactly the same from front and back. An interline can be inserted into the two layers makes it look more like a carpet hanging.



Who need block lights?

Bedroom requires light control but not much for lounge and dining. For the backyard ranch slider, a beautiful coloured sheer is just good enough by itself.

Be noted the sheers won't keep your privacy when it is dark. If necessary, a thin, offwhite poly cotton lining can be attached with the sheer.



Pintuck at back

Pintuck at back is the most common way to make roman blind. Tucks are made at back of blind for spines to go through. Tags and rings are also sewn on the tuck for strings to go over. Sewing lines are visible from front of blind. This style suits for plain or stripe fabric only.

Unlike curtains drawing left and right, roman blind runs up and down. Roman blind is getting more and more popular in urban area as the houses are getting smaller. If there are bed/table furniture, fireplace, or toys around the window which full length curtain is not applicable, roman blind is a perfect substitute. 

The roman blinds showing in the photo are butting blinds with single control. That means the two blinds can go up or down at the same time. Suitable for the bay window which the other side of of blind is hard to reach due to furniture. Be noted the two blinds will get conflict to each other when blinds pulling up. Therefore a compromise is to be made for this scenario.



Pattern Preserve

Pattern preserve means no pin tuck will be made. A roman blind tape will be sewn at back of blind for spines to go through. In this case pattern won't be "eaten" by pin tuck and hence the whole pattern can display. We only recommend pattern preserve for fabric with patterns. Plain or stripe fabric should be made with pin tuck.
Blind on the left shows pin tuck at back for fabric with "curve" pattern. As you can see the curve is eaten up by pin tuck and it does not appear to be continuous. Actually it does not seem to be that bad as the pattern is not so big, and we call it "the beauty of imperfection".



Pintuck at front

Pintuck at front suits all sorts of fabric. As the tuck is protruding to the front, you may feel the fabric pattern is now jumping out of the wall. Patterned fabric won't lose its integrity as the pattern can still be seen on the front tuck. At back of blind sew-in-rings will be inserted to pintuck for strings to go through which also looks neat.

If you are tired with the ordinary blinds and would like to have something different, these blinds are the answer.